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, a young carney man was severely burned in bonfire acccdent. accidenn.janice pprk is live &pat johns hopkins bayview....where the nick hamel has now turned the -ptra positive. janiie? janice?nick hamel is now 22...and what many would describe as a horrific accident...really has changed his ife for the better.he now comes back here taal tt severe burn victims to show them that remarkable recoverres are possible. holloweee when nick hamells life ttok a turnnfor theeworse.his body, burned ove60 percent hen a friend threw nitrious oxide onto a fire.but two years later...hamel now speaks to pther burn urviviors at johns hopkins bayview....o shhre reccvery.instead offwhattthe doccors said would be 9 months...he left the hoopital afttr 42 days: "ii you pu yourself to the limits, or as far plus a little more anyone can be a surivivor you just need the will aad mindset to do itt lookkng into working fire protection help prevent burn at johns hopkins bayview tonight, jp fox45 news late edition. 3 ...seems each new day reveals new ddmage fr
of has been charged with helping poliie say hr dna was found alford was dating john ward, officer who was just cleared guu was found in his car. e alford'' attorney says shh will be turning herself in 3 bad day for driiers in &pplace to park their cars. the &phawaii kai park and ide is suppose to be a convenient stop forrdrivers...but when the sun goes own cars are replaccd by cats...hundreds of them. the cityyhas possedd signs telling park ussrs nnt instead enlisted a group to care for the hundred cats have already bben fixed in the pst 6 months-all out of the groups wn pocket. but residents say while the groups geettre issnnce....the increasing number of felines hhve gotten out of contrrl. 3bad day for workers at a missiisippi ffice...who had to deaa with a disgruntled &pporker.. f a differeen sort. sorr."don't break your legs man." (nats) ((ats) take a llok. a paned wwnnow and found hii way to thh break room.....where emplooees locked him in. as you can see heewasn't thrilled. he kkocked over ttbles and chairs and tried to leap oo top of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2